20 June, 2014

Iron Butt Ride 2014: SaddleSore1000/BunBurner1500 and visit to Antique Archaeology in Nashville TN

           Adventure can be an end in itself. Self-discovery is the secret ingredient..."
                 ― Grace Lichtenstein
            "I would rather die of passion than of boredom." -- Vincent Van Gogh
                “And then there is the most dangerous risk of all -- the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” ― Randy Komisar
             "A zest for living must include a willingness to die."  ~R.A. Heinlein

Sunday morning,just before midnight,I stepped out of my door and realized it was colder than I expected.
This ride had two purposes.One was to complete at least one Iron Butt Association ride and two was to deliver a vintage Airbrushed Motley Crue denim jacket I got in high school to Lauren at Antique Archeology of American Pickers fame in Nashville ,TN.
       I thought it was going to be around 50-55 degrees,turns out it was 42 degrees.I already had almost everything on my 2003 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100cc ready to go.My two bags that carried my tools for minor repairs,a www.cyclepump.com ,and my GoPro cameras .I also had a tankbag that carried my motorcycle paperwork,smartphone,and www.ironbutt.com log as I had to keep track of my stops.Of course,I also had water.
       The motorcycle is in good working order,however,new tires were put on last August and in Sept,the rear tire got something in it and I had to plug it.Rather than throw away money,I've been riding it with the tire plugged and I rode it with the tire plugged on this trip.With no problems.

     I had two sweatshirts ,Carhartt cover-alls and my leather jacket to keep me warm.I wore nothing but skate shoes.I don't have motorcycle boots.My helmet over a nylon facemask that works,sort of,but mostly causes my helmet glass to fog when I breathe.My gloves were rated for about 40 degrees,but constant air eventually found it's way through and numbed my hands.

     I got to the Wawa Gas Station in Wyomissing PA(which is also my end point) ,shot part of my video log  and topped off the gas to obtain my receipt to start the clock in this adventure.

The receipt started my clock at 12:50a EST but I left about 1:10A EST and rode
off into the darkness.There were late night partiers in the gas station parking lot looking at me like I was the idiot,talking into a camera,but almost no one on the road when I left.

Start mileage and time for IronButtRide2014
    The accuweather app said it was going to be about 50-55 degrees out,but as a cruised along at highway speed,I quickly realized it was colder.My feet were freakin' freezing.I was only wearing sneakers.I got to Shippensburg PA for gas at 2:52a,cruised along I81 South with no problems,keeping an eye out for deer.I was really worried about deer.
    At 4:59a I got gas again at Love's Truckstop in Toms Brook VA,a place I used to fuel when i delivered brand new Mack Trucks.I looked around ,but no luck,they didn't sell electric,or even insulated socks.I rode across the street,but they didn't sell them either.
    I continued on,hoping that it would soon warm to a more manageable temperature.it did not until much later.Even when I got to Natural Bridge VA a little after 7:00a and stopped for fuel, it was still cold as hell.(I imagine hell being a frozen wasteland.)
     It was still cold and they didn't sell thermal socks either.

     I left Natural Bridge,riding on Route 11,but wasn't able to see the Natural Bridge and I didn't have time to stop.My next fuel stop was the TravelCenters of America in Wytheville VA,but between Natural Bridge and there,the deer decided to declare war on all drivers with some kamikaze raids. I had only just missed one deer as he crossed left to right when two more were standing on the right,as I ripped by at 70mph,one of them ,made a move ,like he didn't no which way to go,then,and I swear to this,he made a disappointed face when he realized he wasn't going to get me.Like he was going to lose a bet,or his commanding officer was going to throw him in the stockade  for retreating.I kid you not.
     I got to Wytheville safely and fueled,then ate at Subway for breakfast as I caught up on the paperwork needed for the Iron Butt Ride certification.I'd rather do it as I go then have to do all that tedious work at one time after I was done.

Love's in Toms Brook VA

State of the Art Professional Grade GoPro camera mount

 The ride from Wytheville VA to Nashville TN is about 362 miles and was pretty uneventful.No real traffic,little heavy around cities,but not bad,and the speed limit is 70 mph,so I was cruising along great.

Crossing into TN

Movin' along

"Candy" machine in the bathroom at Shell Gas in Gordonville TN

     I got to Antique Archaeology at 4:10p CST ,three and a half hours later than I expected.They closed at 5p on a Sunday.I don't know where the time went,it felt I was moving almost non stop,but all the little stops and breaks added up.
    I parked right in front and went inside.Unfortunately,I missed the live music and it was semi crowded,but Lauren saw me from behind the counter.I looked around while she took care of other customers.
    The store is smaller than I thought it would be,and  there wasn't many antiques and "picks" as I had expected.I live near Adamstown PA and the antiques are packed into the stores.
     Some items were not for sale.There was a vintage leather jacket I liked,but it was marked as Mike Wolfe's personal collection.I really liked it a lot too. I didn't have the money that day to purchase any of the things I liked were listed at and even if I did,I was on a motorcycle,couldn't bring it home anyways.
     Shopping while traveling on a motorcycle is both a blessing and a curse when one sees something they would like to buy.
     I was looking around and was pondering if it would be also profitable for them to get more space in the historic Marathon Motor Works building where the store is,create a museum and charge admission.(If you need a curator,Mike,I am available.)

Nashville TN as seen from Antique Archaeology

Not For Sale 

I think the price on this is $495 
     Lauren saw my airbrushed Motley Crue jacket when I posted it on Instagram and asked if it was for sale.It wasn't,but I said make an offer and she did.It really was never going to fit me ever again.I decided I didn't want it to be stuffed in a closet,but it also had sentimental value as it was a gift and this is and always will be my favorite band, so it had to go to someone who would appreciate it.
     When I took it out of the bag,I could see her eyes light up and I knew this was the right person.Although,the money wasn't important,she paid me.I was so happy to see her as excited about it as I was when it was given to me in 1990.
     Visit the shop,you'll never meet a nicer person than Lauren.She's very cool rocker chick,that,in my opinion ,should have more air time on American Pickers ...I've said that even before meeting her,though.
Lauren and I in the Antique Archaeology shop,Nashville TN

Has found a new home in Nashville TN
      I also had a missed opportunity,of meeting another celebrity,local,but most likely soon to be international country music star.
     Lillie Syracuse ,a country music singer who has sang on many stages around Tennessee including playing live at Antique Archaeology ,where she is also a sales associate. Now I had seen her videos on YouTube last summer ,before I had even thought of  this or knew much about her.I am even subscribed since last year to  Lillie's YouTube Channel ......and I had her use my phone to take the pic of Lauren and I.....then I asked her to do it again because she blurred it. I didn't realize it until a few days later,that not only did I miss an opportunity to properly meet her because,even though I've seen her videos,I didn't make the connection,I also had her take that photo for me. Duh! Idiot!
    So please check out her website,youtube channel, Lillie's Instagram ,Lillie on Facebook and Lillie's Twitter

     I left after 5pm and rode back the way I came on I40,another uneventful ride with food and gas stops along the way.There was a semi truck/pickup truck accident blocking the left lane right before the I40/I81 split.It looked like the pickup truck tried to change lanes and put himself in the trailer tires.Pieces of Chevy everywhere.I started to feel tired,but not too bad until I got to White Pine TN and fueled there for the end of my Saddlesore1000 at just after 11:00p .I hung around and stretched my legs,then got moving,since I was way behind the time I set for myself.
Trying to stay awake at Gordonville TN around 6:18p CST

    I "hit the wall" at about 23 hours, when I hit 1008 miles for the Saddlesore1000.I'm just not cut out for staying awake like I used to be.Honestly,I used to drive a truck straight to CA,make the delivery,sleep for a few hours,then sit on Venice beach until my log caught up.I can't do that stuff anymore.
     I used to get that numbing pain in my lower back from the seat and sitting,but this is the first time I wore Carhartt cover alls over top everything for a longer ride other than to work in winter time and they were the perfect thickness for taking the vibration and I had no pain at all when i was done. 
     I have no throttle lock,so at one point,my wrist hurt so bad,I shoved my weight against my elbow/arm  to keep moving.
     During the night,I stayed behind cars or trucks as blockers for deer,this one car I ran behind for 70 miles,I think he was a high functioning drunk driver as he kept slowing down to 50 mph and back up to 60 even though it was a 70mph.
    It dropped to 32 and my hands didn't function right,I couldn't always pull the clutch or brake fast enough and couldn't always coordinate them.

Quick rest stop at the TN/VA State Line -12:30a.My $25 tire pressure gauge fell
out of my bag here,I was too tired and didn't notice,so someone has a new gauge now.

    I stopped for breakfast,because I was really feeling tired to the point of nodding off,at the Waffle House in Troutville VA around 4:10a.I'm not sure if it was the food or me just being awake and tired,but it didn't sit well after eating there.The night was rough,with being real tired and it being real dark out,plus the 32 degrees affecting my motor skills,I was thinking it's time to quit.I should have,but I didn't,but there were some moments that almost became FUBAR.

     It was work to keep moving,I was falling asleep and I had to talk to myself,to stay awake.Just talking,pointless talking to just try to stay awake.Sometimes yelling....
     It finally started to get light out,but not warm yet.More vehicles were on the road and I had to pay close attention.Being tired and freezing really does affect one's abilities to do things to try to avoid causing accident.
Iron Butt Ride log of my stops

End mileage and time

     I was nearing the end of this long ,tiring,but awesome journey.I stopped a few more times for breaks and gas and my second to last stop was in Mechanicsburg ,PA. I filled the tank and got rolling as my time counted down.
     I did have one issue,probably because I was tired and not thinking.I had to stop and look at my phone at the intersection of I81 and I83 to figure out which way to go.After consulting Google maps on my phone (I knew the way,just had a moment where I was confused due to lack of sleep)I pulled out onto the highway as a Prius cut in front of me with a flat tire on his way to the shoulder.It was a close call and I wish I had my GoPro on,it would've been an interesting video.
     I made it to the end point with less than an hour to spare.It should have been faster,but I did a lot of stopping and a lot of time lost in Nashville. I am disappointed in my time,but I still made it.

     It was a great experience,one that was on my bucket list since 2010.I wouldn't say it was life changing or life altering,but riding on a motorcycle,alone,through the darkness,nothing and nobody around,it does give you time to think.To reflect.I won't go into details,except to say I have no regrets,save one,and that's getting into my current chosen "career",but that is hardly a secret. I need to make a change and get out of that.Soon.Now.
     I knew I was doing a timed ride,but when I was out there cruising alone,I know this is how I want to live.Traveling.Riding from place to place on no one's clock.I'm looking around in the pitch black along I-81,no headlights,no streetlamps ,just the occasional eye shine of an animal among the trees along the road hunting for dinner.For those 35 hours I was who I want to be.I was that person.There was no dead end job,there was no house that needs repairs or POS car that needs constant attention.There were no people I have to pretend to like to make life(mostly at work) easier.No fake conversations.

No bullshit 

Just me,the bike,and the road.


                                     Maybe it was a life changing experience.

31 March, 2014

The Great Bull Run

      "There will be a designated protest area for those who feel that allowing bulls to trample humans is somehow abusive to the bulls."

    June 7th 2014,I'll be running with the bulls at The Great Bull Run at Maple Grove Raceway .I have told a few people about it and have posted on social media about it,sharing pictures from other bull run events.I have gotten from more than a couple people the usual animal cruelty spiel.

Fact is,I would not being doing this if they presented it the same way they do in Spain.
The bulls are running much less than most people run with there dog in the park and they are usually tethered a leash! Cows and bulls,horses too,are frequently running ,on their own in fields for longer than these bulls will run.Don't believe me?Just take a ride through any farmland.There is even video of horses actually playing in the snow.

Everyone of those that gave me a hard time about doing this bull run are meat eaters.Their Facebook pages have also shown fishing and hunting photos.I am not knocking that at all.I eat meat and I do a lot of fishing. 

I've seen the posts about great seafood dinners.Steamed clams,lobster.You know how you steam clams,oysters,crab and lobster,right?
You boil a pot of water,then put the shellfish in the boiling water.Alive.
And it's cruel for a bull to run in a field!?

 I've even seen tweets and status updates about taking out rats in their house through poison or traditional traps.  but to say that it is cruel for a bull,who does it on his own like any other animal,to run with humans ,much less in size and weight then him is hypocrisy.These bulls will enjoy peaceful grazing for hours,run for 3 minutes, then go back to that afterwards.Maybe they'll have to deal with people taking photos.

Here is a screenshot from the Great Bull Run FAQ's

There is no animal cruelty,just a possible self inflicted cruelty by choice on the human's part.
I would not be doing this if i thought a bull,or any animal was being hurt just to indulge our stupidity..This is not Spain and to be told that it is by people who hunt or fish or eat meat or run their dog the same miles they do...or walk their dog the same distances they do is hypocrisy.
These bulls will run for a few minutes with some stupid humans,then go back to their fields with a little bit of a work out.

So, I hope you'll come out and watch, or watch the video from the bull run,that will inevitably be uploaded to YouTube.I will have two GoPro cameras,so their will be plenty of  video.
Also,there will be a Tomato Royale a battle with thousands and thousands of pounds of tomatoes.My son,Collin, will also be doing that part of it.

I can't wait!

A friend sent me some wine,which will be appropriate after the event

23 March, 2014

MIley Cyrus Didn't Make History at the Music Awards

I read,on Twitter and other social media that Miley Cyrus made history at the music awards with that idiot Robin Thicke and is making history with her performances. That's what Robin said to her before they went on stage,I'd have to say I disagree and say that she is doing nothing original and definitely not making history in the annals of music.
I also will go even further and say,while interesting, Lady GaGa isn't making history either.The meat dress was cool(I mean come on,it IS meat!),and I do like her music and she definitely has a certain style.
Lady Gaga in her infamous meat dress
She is following in the footsteps of women before her.Miley too,like Madonna and Britney Spears and Cyndi Lauper who all had their own style,but weren't all that original either.No groundbreaking,performances.
I like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper and in fact have seen both live in concert many years ago.
Cyndi Lauper in the 1980s

Britney Spears and Madonna
     Madonna's risque performance at the 1984 MTV Music Awards.Seems tame now,I suppose.Although,there is more talent here than attention seeking that is Miley Cyrus.

     I'd like to introduce you to another woman in entertainment who made history by "shocking" the masses.
Whom I think,for the time,pushed the envelope far more than Madonna or Miley or Lady Gaga do for their time.
Meet Hattie Helen Gould Beck or Sally Rand,which was the stage name Cecil B. DeMille gave her.Which was inspired by a Rand McNally Atlas. She started out young on stage,studied drama and ballet and eventually moved to Hollywood and starred in silent films and some theater.When sound films were developed,she became a dancer.The reason was is that she sometimes spoke with a lisp and she thought "talkies" would end her career.
     She developed the fan dance which she performed with great success at the Paramount Club in Chicago.
In 1933 at the World's Fair,titled Century of Progress in Chicago,she was arrested four times in a single day for indecent exposure for doing her famous fan dance and riding a white horse on the streets of Chicago while giving the appearance of nudity.

Sally Rand also was arrested a fifth time at the Fair, along with Max Factor Sr,when he used his new makeup formulated for Hollywood films to paint her entire body.Seems familiar, copied today doesn't it?

This got her arrested in 1933.
     Even though she was arrested five times at the 1933 World's Fair,the promoters couldn't deny the draw.It was a very popular show,which actually saved the fair from financial ruin and the promoters convinced the judge to let her keep working.
      She also came up with and developed the Bubble Dance,because of performing outside and having to deal with the wind.

Sally Rand was arrested again in 1946 by six police officers in the audience as she danced, seemingly nude, in silhouette behind a large white fan; while on trial, the judge granted her immunity should she be arrested for the same offense while on trial; however she was arrested during a night of the trial while performing her act, despite her immunity and the fact that she was wearing long underwear and a note that read "CENSORED. S.F.P.D." while performing that time. In an unusual move, the judge viewed her performance at the Savoy and cleared her of all charges after deeming that "anyone who could find something lewd about the dance as she puts it on has to have a perverted idea of morals"

          Sally Rand died on Aug 31 1979 in California of Congestive Heart Failure in the hospital and by then she was very far in debt. Sammy Davis Jr actually wrote a $10,000 check and covered her expenses.

Sally Rand may seem tame by today's standards,or maybe not all that different,really if you look at it.I do believe there is a difference between Miley Cyrus and her.Sally had class while Miley just seems crude,but nothing really original that hasn't been done already.

Certainly not history making.


04 January, 2014

Strange Dreams

It's my first post of the New Year and it's not about motorcycles. I had this strange dream last night.I was driving an 18 wheeler, with someone,I don't know who,that got me this job.We ended at this mansion.I put the truck where they told me and we got out.I really didn't know what I was hauling,but it turned out to be illegal,either unregistered guns or drugs.In my still trying to wake up haze,I try to remember. I am leaning towards drugs. People there had me park this truck by a sinkhole.I don't know why there was a sinkhole there in this huge yard.The owner or person who lives there comes outside to the truck.He expresses his anger at this sinkhole in the yard. I suggest he turn it into a swimming pool.He just turns and walks away. Now things are a little blurry here,but more people show up to unload the truck,I presume.But the next thing I remember,the shooting starts.A shootout ensues and me and the guy I drove in with run for cover.He starts shooting back and I yell "Hey,I need a gun!" I duck out from behind the car with the .38 revolver he tossed to me.(I distinctly remember it being a snub nose .38 revolver).I immediately feel something sting on my neck as I fire back one shot and hit this guy that was pointing a rifle at me(I don't remember which kind).He goes down,I duck back behind the car and stay there.The battle slows down and the people that I brought the truck to have won. . The next thing I remember is lining up with everyone else involved.I don't know why,either to be paid,or to find out the next part of the job. As I am waiting in line with the guy who rode with me in the truck,I put my hand to my neck and notice the pain .I've been shot, apparently. I ask my friend if "this can get me out of the rest of the job?" He says "I'm not sure,ask when we get up to the front of the line." I'm bleeding,but not nearly as much as I should have been considering a bullet lodged in my neck. We get to the table and seated next to the table, in chairs like they are at an outdoor wedding,are a bunch of criminal types I recognize,but don't know how or why I recognize. I say "Can I can go home early since I've been injured?" The guy says "Yeah,you can go,we don't need drivers today,but you can not go to the hospital" He hands me a wad of cash and gives me an address of a discreet veterinarian.
I woke up and that is all I remember. Without a doubt,this is on the list of the weirdest dreams I have ever had.Just never thought about getting them written down until now. Have you had any weird dreams you remember?

14 December, 2013

Paul Walker's Death and How It Affected My Life

As you all know by now,Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas died in a Porsche Carerra GT they  that they owned together.Paul's funeral is today,so he can be laid to rest in a private event for family and friends.Always Evolving were driving while attending a charity event at their garage ,
 I'm not going to go into all the details ,you can look that up yourself,this blog is about how it got me thinking about my life and what I've been doing. I see Paul and his success,not with jealousy,he was a good person who did a lot of great things with his success and money,including his charity ,Reach Out World Wide .
     Seeing his life and how he lived it,I feel that up until this point,I've been wasting mine.I have a dead end go nowhere job.I don't do things I'd like to do nearly as much.I want to move to the Outer Banks NC as I feel that is my home and I was born in the wrong place.I would like to get out fishing more and motorcycle traveling but just don't have the money or the ambition.I work way too many hours for pay that is too low,as does my ole lady.However,she likes her job a bit more than I do.I despise mine,it's a bottomless pit of hate for this job.

The problem is,I just don't know how to get out of this bad career choice.I don't want to be rich,although,that would be nice,I just want to be happy.I want to enjoy doing something.I want to like the people I work for and with.One also gets "pigeon-holed" in this job.Too many times I've talked to new employers and they say "We don't have a position in your field" and I'm thinking "What field?I drive a truck,but that's not the only thing I can do,did you even read my application and resume?"
     The other part of how this got me thinking is ,while his death came way too soon and is a tragedy.For many reasons that don't include his film career,he and Roger died with a smile on their faces.They died doing something they loved.When it's my time,I want to go out the same way,doing something I love.I don't want to die, in my sleep, on the couch, in front of the TV.I want to go out doing something I enjoyed.I don't spend enough time doing things I love and that is my fault. I've lost some ambition and the money and time isn't there because of the job and my laziness in working to get out of that and into something I would enjoy.
I just don't know where to go from here.

    Paul Walker was a good actor,but an even better person.I enjoy his films,but I really connected with him because of his love of the ocean and his desire to become a Marine Biologist , which was his major in college.He did much for people,but he also was a supporter of shark protection and conservation as well. Click this Paul Walker Loved The Ocean  to read a nice memorial written by David Shiffman.

                                                   R.I.P. Paul. I'll miss you.

     This is my video log on Paul Walker and How his Death Affected Me.

08 January, 2013

The First Ride by A.H. Rosenberg - A Book Review

    I just finished reading The First Ride  written by A.H. Rosenberg. It is a true story from the experiences of the author himself.He is a rock climber and has traveled before and therefore isn't afraid to try new things.This story is an unapologetic look at traveling by motorcycle.He tells it exactly as it happens and does not sugarcoat anything.
     When his friend,Nick, asked him to go on a multiple country ride to Panama with him and two other friends,he is a little hesitant,as he has never ridden a motorcycle,nor does he even own one.His friend,lends him a bike,he takes the safety course and practices for six months before the trip.For all intents and purposes,he is still a new rider,and his adventure begins the moment he picks up the bike at his friend's house and rides it home.
     I won't give any specifics away,but his story describes the highs and lows of being a novice rider.He writes in great detail what it is like,as a new rider,to not only go on an extensive road trip through 7 countries,but also what it is like to travel with three other experienced motorcyclists.he talks about trying to keep up with them, the arguments,and especially the danger of not "riding your own ride". He tries to keep up with his traveling companions as they take risks he isn't experienced enough to do yet,as well as some risks no rider should take,no matter how experienced.
     He almost is killed multiple times as he takes this "crash course" in motorcycling,but he prevails to tell his exciting story.
     I highly recommend this book to any motorcyclist,non motorcyclists,adventurer, or armchair adventurer.I guarantee you won't be able to put it down.After I finished his story,thought about the first time I rode amotorcycle,not as a kid on my Dad's Harley,but as my own rider,back in 2001.I didn't take the adventurous trip the author did,but I was scared for the longest time as I learned how to be safe.I have been on many trips as far as Atlanta and the Outer Banks.It is also my main mode of transportation,mostly in the summer as I just don't want to deal with the cold anymore at 3am.I used to though.
     I want to take a summer long or even year long motorcycling trip but the money is a factor.After reading this book, it both scared me and excited me to travel through multiple countries on a motorcycle.I also am not a big fan of group riding because of many reasons,the author,Alex,found out for himself in his tale.I also know ,though,I would never want to travel the countries he did alone.This book has reiterated that it is important to have like minded and similar skilled riders in your group.
This book spoke to me and brought out a wide range of emotions about motorcycling and what it means to me.

      The First Ride by A.H.Rosenberg is a must read.You will not be able to put it down.I hope you will buy it,not only to share in his adventure,but to support indie authors as well.
It is available on amazon for the Kindle and the Kindle computer and phone app. Click the title in this blog to buy the book.

This is my First Ride and my first motorcycle in 2001

12 November, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

     This blog is coming a bit late but right before Halloween ,Hurricane Sandy came north up the east coast,hitting the Outer Banks NC yet again roughly a year after Hurricane Irene hit it.They have,yet again, a lot of work to do to clean up the sand,rebuild sand dunes,houses,and the only road in or out,highway 12. Unfodtunately, they have been largely overlooked by mainstream media.People who know me,know I have a passionate love for the Outer Banks almost borderline obsession.I am okay with that.My favorite fishing pier,the Rodanthe Fishing Pier has lost about 50 feet off the end of the pier.They were going to remodel anyways,but now they have to change the design a little bit to offset cost to extra repairs.
    New York and New Jersey also got hit hard in some places along the cost. here,in my part of Pennsylvania, we didn't get it as bad.We lost power for 2 days,and a power line pole,but that is about it.I have some photos of our little bit of damage,as well as a short video of some flooding of a nearby stream.
My beloved motorcycle parked safely in my storage garage.

Using water from rain barrel for flushing the toilet

Washing up in cold rainwater after fixing kerosene heater.

Downed Power Line that caused only a 2 day outage

Using my trusty Zippo to light the way

Boardgames to pass the time(Electric JUST came on)

Replacing the power line.

      As you can see,we got lucky.As I've said I love the Outer Banks of NC.I also have a fondness of NYC as well as some people I consider friends living there,a couple in particular in lower Manhattan.They are all okay and everyone I know in both Hatteras and NYC have great positive attitudes.
I will leave you with a short video of some flooding that occurred in the stream beside our trailer park.