20 April, 2011

Trucking part 1 - Vlog

14 April, 2011

Ignorance of the Law

Today,riding home from work,traffic was backed up both ways because of a school bus.This bus had the four way AMBER lights blinking.The driver had just dropped off the last kid,as the bus was empty,and she was parked along the curb,using her cellphone.At the point I was sitting in traffic, the right turn lane began.So I started to go,a pick up truck driver waiting to pull out of Lowes said the school bus had it's lights on.I told him, "As long as the red lights aren't on and the stop sign isn't out,you can pass it." He says "Ok, I'll follow you." I drive past the cars lined up in both directions,people looking at me with scorn and dissapproval.
  As I was riding home, I realized I possibly gave them another reason to add to that negative stereotype bikers/riders have already. But I knew the law and they did not.So they needlessly sat in and backed up traffic both ways and in a major intersection. At first I felt guilty for perpetuating a bad impression,but now after starting to write this,they are the drivers that are in the wrong for not knowing the law. Perhaps,though,the bus driver,should have waved them on.All, I know is,regardless of what it looked like,I was right,and everyone else was wrong.

12 April, 2011

Bike Rallys and Group Rides

  (Video linked below)
      I have always wanted to go to Sturgis Bike Week.Ride out for a week of beer,babes,bikes,and fun.The more I think about it,and after seeing two seasons of Full Throttle Saloon on TruTV,it seems like a money pit.I think I would rather ride out,when there is no event and ride through the Black Hills when it is much less crowded.I understand it cost money to run things and have a bar or a store at these events,but the high prices of camping,hotels,beer,and food has caused me to reevaluate going to Sturgis, or any other bike week.
   Group riding is not my "thing" either.I do not see the enjoyment of riding 30 motorcycles from place to place,or bar hopping.Trying to keep everyone together,planning out stops,trying to manage everyone's skill level and speed. I would much rather ride by myself or with one or two friends and just see where the bike takes me.For me motorcycling is suppose to be unplanned or free.I don't have a GPS and I don't bar hop.I put on miles and try to explore.For me the fun is not knowing where I am going.Making random turns and seeing where it turns out at.Getting lost is 3/4 of the fun.
   So what do you all think? What do you like or dislike about group rides and bike rallys?

"You don't need a GPS to discover America.You need a bike and you need the road."-Woody on Wild Hogs

- Rory

10 April, 2011

Iron Butt Run: 1000 miles in 24 Hours or Less on a Motorcycle <---Click Title for link!

This is my first blog,so bear with me.This blog is to invite all of you to an event.
So,a little bit about myself.My name is Rory Anderson,I have a soul sucking job as a semi truck driver.I love the Outer Banks of North Carolina,motorcycling,fishing,shooting,TV,Movies,booksoutdoors,camping,and making YouTube videos.I make videos on a variety of subjects from trucking to motorcycling,to...ummmm...finding a possum in my garbage can.There is even a video showcasing the correlation between McRibs and zombies.
   I will be attempting an Iron Butt Run on May 27 2011 and I am inviting all of you to follow along.The video linked to this blog has all the information.Please share with your friends,realtives,husbands and wives,and if you really want to piss them off, your enemies. :o)
   I have a been wanting to try an IronButt Run for 2 years now.My route will take me from the WaWa on Lancaster Ave and Museum Rd in Reading,PA,through Richmond VA.My turnaround point will be Red drum tackle Shop in Buxton NC.Then up over the Chesapeake bay Bridge Tunnel through Easton MD,Lewes DE,King of Prussia PA and back to my starting point in Reading PA.The route link is on the Event Facebook page linked in the description box of the video.You will be able to follow me through Twitter and Facebook,with my  updates and photos.I will also have the GPS locator link so you can follow along or check back and see my progress.(All of these links are on the YouTube video in this blog.) I will be riding a 2003 Honda Shadow 1100cc motorcycle which I have owned since 2008.
   I have put many miles on two wheels and have done long distance riding,but never officially.I don't think I've done 1000 in 24,but I have come close,possibly around 800 or 900 miles.
   I truly enjoy riding a motorcycle and highly recommend it to everyone.I also, of course recommend,highly visiting Hatteras island,NC.So please watch the video,subscribe,rate,comment.Follow my Twitter,like my Facebook page,attend the event.Follow along and enjoy!
Check out my other videos.

"If you're not livin' on the edge,you're taking up too much space."

Rory Anderson