20 June, 2011

Ride To Work Day

   June 20 2011 is Ride To Work day. Ride to work and show everyone how fun,and economical it is. If more people had motorcycles and scooters,we'd use less gas,less parking space,have a more productive day at work,more money in the pocket,and more fun.
   I ride to work everyday,and everywhere else. Join me and have a great day!

13 June, 2011

Motorcycling in Lake George,NY

   I had originally planned to do the Iron Butt Run Saddlesore1000.This is 1000 miles in 24 hours or less sanctioned by the Iron Butt Association.On the day I planned to do this,May 27 2011,I found out I had been chosen by rider magazine ,through their  Rider Diaries a website dedicated to routes entered by motorcyclists all over the world, to meet one one of rider magazine's popular writer,Clement Salvadori at Americade 2011 in lake George NY.Not only do I get to meet Clement,we were to go on a ride around Lake George.So,I passed on doing the Iron Butt at this time and will reschedule at a date to be determined later.
     The date of this ride was June 7 2011,so I packed light(as I am a minimalist when it comes to traveling) Sunday June 5. I packed a few tools: Motorcycle Pump ,some wrenches,and one lightbulb that I had.I also packed one day's worth of clothes and my lunchbox with water bottles,my video camera,point and click camera,my cellphone,and of course my HD GoPro Camera.
     Monday June 6,I go to workat 5:30a and get out the door by 4:15p and rolling towards NY by 4:30p.
     Now,I must add here,I was second guessing wether I should ride up to NY or if I even wanted to from the day I found out I had won and all the way up to connecting with I84 from Route 209.I kept saying to myself,"I should turn around and go home,I got stuff on the DVR to watch,I don't really have the money,I don't..blah blah blah." Finally I just said "Hell with it,I don't want to get to the end of my life and say 'I wish I had done this or done that' and instead say 'I can't believe I did that!'."
     I worked out a route that involved very little tolls.
Route 222N
Route 33N
Route 209N
I87N ($4.15 for tolls)
Route 9N
     I was debating wether I should leave at 2:00a Tuesday and go straight up,stay all day and then come right back,or go halfway and get a hotel.I stopped in Albany,NY and stayed overnight.
    I got to Albany NY about 9:45p,got my hotel room and rode 2 miles and got some burgers off the dollar menu at McDonald's and brought them back to eat in the room.Albany is only about 58 miles from lake George,so I slept until 7:00a and left about 8:00a after hitting the dollar menu again and getting gas.
     320 miles later,I ride in to the parking lot at the Harley Boutique (rolls eyes) in Lake George,NY a little before 9:00a. 

     I made good time with a travel speed at about 70-75mph on I84 and I87. I go into the Harley "dealer" for about 3 minutes,come out and head into town to see what Americade is all about as I wasn't meeting Clement until 11:00a. I did ride through the village of Lake George with my GoPro camera running and I also filmed with my handheld HD camera.There will be video linked below!

    After topping off the gas tank again for what's sure to be an awesome ride,I head to Clement's hotel and call him to let him know I am here.(Yes,I have Clement's phone number in my phone contacts list now :oP )I drive around to his room number only to find out that not only will I be riding with Clement Salvadori,publishers of Backroads Motorcycle Tour Magazine ,Shira and Brian will be joining us.Brian gave me a copy of this free regional magazine,and let me tell you,it is a really great magazine...and it's free! Click the link to the website above and check it out!!
                                                         Clement Salvadori and I

                                                              Brian and Shira's rides

Clement  shows me the route we're going to take on a paper map and it looks like a great ride even on paper.It has lots of windy roads and curves.I can't wait,which becomes evident when he asks me if I wanted to go to lunch first to which I responded "No,let's ride!" So,we head downstairs to where Brian and Shira are eagerly waiting as it's not everyday they get to ride with the one and only Rory Anderson of  Hero Story Productions !!                                                                                                     
       We put our riding coats and helmets on,gloves too,and head out of the parking lot of the hotel.It is a little crowded,but not as crowded as I thought such an event would be as we cruise on 9N into the mildly twisty roads around Lake George,NY.  The ride is beautiful and uneventful, for about 30 minutes or so when we come upon a slow moving tractor trailer.Clement,who is leading,our awesome little group,makes it around the truck.I'm feeling nervous,as I always do when attempting to pass on a two lane windy road.The truck drops a gear and moves slower.Brian and Shira pass me and the truck.I'm left behind looking for a safe placew to pass and I am right behind this truck.He tries to downshift again and misses the gear.BANG!!! He comes to a stop and I almost crash into the trailer liftgate, I see a clear opening and pass the stopped truck,Shira and Brian, wave me past to my position right behind Clement when I catch up to them.We ride for another 10 minutes and stop at a pull off overlooking Lake George.It is a stunning view.                                                                         

We take off again leaning into curves and once again letting all the problems slip away as only a motorcycle can accomplish.                                                                                             
We stop to take some action photos that(hopefully) will make it into the magazine which I don't have copies of at the moment.
We then ride into Chestertown,NY for lunch at a place called Luna Pizza.We sat outside in wrought iron seating on the sidewalk,because,who in their right mind would sit indoors if they don't have to?I had a large slice of pizza,Clement and Brian had Paninis and Shira had a salad,which was large enough that I finished off the half she couldn't eat. Clement tells me he that when he was offered this job at Rider magazine,they told him "we don't pay well,but there will be more motorcycles to ride then you can handle." he thought about it for 2 seconds.......I'm thinking I already got the not paid well part going for me,now only if I could get out of the truck and on the motorcycles.(Hey Rider,you reading this?)                                            

   Luna Pizza,Chestertown NY                                                                                          
                                                              Clement,Shira,and Brian

There was also a neat little Ural Motorcycle shop right next door,but unfortunetly, they weren't open.I really would've liked to take a look at a Ural up close as i've only seen them in magazines and on TV.

After lunch,Brian and Shira,top off the gas tank at a nearby gas station and take off as Clem and I ride back towards the Village of Lake George,NY.We stop at the offramp and Clem tells me which events are worth seeing at Americade and other great roads to ride.With that,we shake hands, and he is fading away on his Harley.                                                                                                                              
I decide to just start heading home after getting gas and some water as I want to bring the wife up here on the motorcycle for a weekend adventure into the backroads and woods of Lake George,NY.I leave at around 2:40p and make it home 330 miles later at 9:30p. I did see two deer,one on I84 that a blast of the horn chased him back off the highway shoulder and into the woods.The sceond deer was on Route 209 in Delaware Water Gap,but that deer just looked at me like I was an idiot when I laid on the horn.

It was a great experience and I am so glad I decided to do it. Life is too short. I look forward to the next adventure!
Here are some videos from the ride! The first 2 videos 1 video in 2 parts.