12 November, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

     This blog is coming a bit late but right before Halloween ,Hurricane Sandy came north up the east coast,hitting the Outer Banks NC yet again roughly a year after Hurricane Irene hit it.They have,yet again, a lot of work to do to clean up the sand,rebuild sand dunes,houses,and the only road in or out,highway 12. Unfodtunately, they have been largely overlooked by mainstream media.People who know me,know I have a passionate love for the Outer Banks almost borderline obsession.I am okay with that.My favorite fishing pier,the Rodanthe Fishing Pier has lost about 50 feet off the end of the pier.They were going to remodel anyways,but now they have to change the design a little bit to offset cost to extra repairs.
    New York and New Jersey also got hit hard in some places along the cost. here,in my part of Pennsylvania, we didn't get it as bad.We lost power for 2 days,and a power line pole,but that is about it.I have some photos of our little bit of damage,as well as a short video of some flooding of a nearby stream.
My beloved motorcycle parked safely in my storage garage.

Using water from rain barrel for flushing the toilet

Washing up in cold rainwater after fixing kerosene heater.

Downed Power Line that caused only a 2 day outage

Using my trusty Zippo to light the way

Boardgames to pass the time(Electric JUST came on)

Replacing the power line.

      As you can see,we got lucky.As I've said I love the Outer Banks of NC.I also have a fondness of NYC as well as some people I consider friends living there,a couple in particular in lower Manhattan.They are all okay and everyone I know in both Hatteras and NYC have great positive attitudes.
I will leave you with a short video of some flooding that occurred in the stream beside our trailer park.