31 March, 2014

The Great Bull Run

      "There will be a designated protest area for those who feel that allowing bulls to trample humans is somehow abusive to the bulls."

    June 7th 2014,I'll be running with the bulls at The Great Bull Run at Maple Grove Raceway .I have told a few people about it and have posted on social media about it,sharing pictures from other bull run events.I have gotten from more than a couple people the usual animal cruelty spiel.

Fact is,I would not being doing this if they presented it the same way they do in Spain.
The bulls are running much less than most people run with there dog in the park and they are usually tethered a leash! Cows and bulls,horses too,are frequently running ,on their own in fields for longer than these bulls will run.Don't believe me?Just take a ride through any farmland.There is even video of horses actually playing in the snow.

Everyone of those that gave me a hard time about doing this bull run are meat eaters.Their Facebook pages have also shown fishing and hunting photos.I am not knocking that at all.I eat meat and I do a lot of fishing. 

I've seen the posts about great seafood dinners.Steamed clams,lobster.You know how you steam clams,oysters,crab and lobster,right?
You boil a pot of water,then put the shellfish in the boiling water.Alive.
And it's cruel for a bull to run in a field!?

 I've even seen tweets and status updates about taking out rats in their house through poison or traditional traps.  but to say that it is cruel for a bull,who does it on his own like any other animal,to run with humans ,much less in size and weight then him is hypocrisy.These bulls will enjoy peaceful grazing for hours,run for 3 minutes, then go back to that afterwards.Maybe they'll have to deal with people taking photos.

Here is a screenshot from the Great Bull Run FAQ's

There is no animal cruelty,just a possible self inflicted cruelty by choice on the human's part.
I would not be doing this if i thought a bull,or any animal was being hurt just to indulge our stupidity..This is not Spain and to be told that it is by people who hunt or fish or eat meat or run their dog the same miles they do...or walk their dog the same distances they do is hypocrisy.
These bulls will run for a few minutes with some stupid humans,then go back to their fields with a little bit of a work out.

So, I hope you'll come out and watch, or watch the video from the bull run,that will inevitably be uploaded to YouTube.I will have two GoPro cameras,so their will be plenty of  video.
Also,there will be a Tomato Royale a battle with thousands and thousands of pounds of tomatoes.My son,Collin, will also be doing that part of it.

I can't wait!

A friend sent me some wine,which will be appropriate after the event

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