04 January, 2014

Strange Dreams

It's my first post of the New Year and it's not about motorcycles. I had this strange dream last night.I was driving an 18 wheeler, with someone,I don't know who,that got me this job.We ended at this mansion.I put the truck where they told me and we got out.I really didn't know what I was hauling,but it turned out to be illegal,either unregistered guns or drugs.In my still trying to wake up haze,I try to remember. I am leaning towards drugs. People there had me park this truck by a sinkhole.I don't know why there was a sinkhole there in this huge yard.The owner or person who lives there comes outside to the truck.He expresses his anger at this sinkhole in the yard. I suggest he turn it into a swimming pool.He just turns and walks away. Now things are a little blurry here,but more people show up to unload the truck,I presume.But the next thing I remember,the shooting starts.A shootout ensues and me and the guy I drove in with run for cover.He starts shooting back and I yell "Hey,I need a gun!" I duck out from behind the car with the .38 revolver he tossed to me.(I distinctly remember it being a snub nose .38 revolver).I immediately feel something sting on my neck as I fire back one shot and hit this guy that was pointing a rifle at me(I don't remember which kind).He goes down,I duck back behind the car and stay there.The battle slows down and the people that I brought the truck to have won. . The next thing I remember is lining up with everyone else involved.I don't know why,either to be paid,or to find out the next part of the job. As I am waiting in line with the guy who rode with me in the truck,I put my hand to my neck and notice the pain .I've been shot, apparently. I ask my friend if "this can get me out of the rest of the job?" He says "I'm not sure,ask when we get up to the front of the line." I'm bleeding,but not nearly as much as I should have been considering a bullet lodged in my neck. We get to the table and seated next to the table, in chairs like they are at an outdoor wedding,are a bunch of criminal types I recognize,but don't know how or why I recognize. I say "Can I can go home early since I've been injured?" The guy says "Yeah,you can go,we don't need drivers today,but you can not go to the hospital" He hands me a wad of cash and gives me an address of a discreet veterinarian.
I woke up and that is all I remember. Without a doubt,this is on the list of the weirdest dreams I have ever had.Just never thought about getting them written down until now. Have you had any weird dreams you remember?

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