01 May, 2011

Oddly Normal

I have been watching the show Oddities on the Science Channel for a while now.It's into it's second season.It's a reality show that follows a store in NYC called Obscura Antiques.The official website is www.obscuraantiques.com .Now,if you haven't seen this show,they sell alot of off the wall items such as antique medical tools,skulls,3 headed pigs,straight jackets,all things odd. The people who come in to buy these things aren't exactly "normal" in the sense of what society thinks is normal.
After watching this show for two and half seasons,I have come to the conclusion that these "odd" consumers are some of the nicest and most sincere people out there. They don't conform to what society says should be normal.They don't care what anyone else thinks about them.From what I have seen they have open minds,think outside the box,but don't look down on others.The "strange and unusual" that come into this store don't insult others,even those who are part of "normal society" and look at them with disdain or like they are better. The more I watch this show the more I realize these are the people I would like to meet. The people I meet everyday in my job fall into the category of what society says is "normal" but I see alot of them as uncaring,miserable people who think they are owed something.When I go to a place to make a delivery(I drive a truck for my job) lots of time the person in charge will unnecessarily make me wait just to show that he/she is in charge.
Just driving a car in public with "normal" society can be a bad experience.Everyone has to be first,they have no problem cutting someone off,but watch out if you cut them off!Then the road rage starts. I'm not saying everyone is like this,not at all.But when one is in public 55 hours a week dealing with society,one sees people's true colours. I also fall into this category,at times,so I am not completly innocent.
There is nothing wrong with being different.There is nothing wrong with being yourself.There is nothing wrong with not caring what others think of you.There is nothing wrong with accepting others for who they are,even if you may not like it.

Perhaps,"Odd" is the new "Normal?


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  1. Ive often said the same type of comment towards the goth community, wandering around downtown chicago, these people are the most helpful and nicely mannered of most youll meet.