08 January, 2013

The First Ride by A.H. Rosenberg - A Book Review

    I just finished reading The First Ride  written by A.H. Rosenberg. It is a true story from the experiences of the author himself.He is a rock climber and has traveled before and therefore isn't afraid to try new things.This story is an unapologetic look at traveling by motorcycle.He tells it exactly as it happens and does not sugarcoat anything.
     When his friend,Nick, asked him to go on a multiple country ride to Panama with him and two other friends,he is a little hesitant,as he has never ridden a motorcycle,nor does he even own one.His friend,lends him a bike,he takes the safety course and practices for six months before the trip.For all intents and purposes,he is still a new rider,and his adventure begins the moment he picks up the bike at his friend's house and rides it home.
     I won't give any specifics away,but his story describes the highs and lows of being a novice rider.He writes in great detail what it is like,as a new rider,to not only go on an extensive road trip through 7 countries,but also what it is like to travel with three other experienced motorcyclists.he talks about trying to keep up with them, the arguments,and especially the danger of not "riding your own ride". He tries to keep up with his traveling companions as they take risks he isn't experienced enough to do yet,as well as some risks no rider should take,no matter how experienced.
     He almost is killed multiple times as he takes this "crash course" in motorcycling,but he prevails to tell his exciting story.
     I highly recommend this book to any motorcyclist,non motorcyclists,adventurer, or armchair adventurer.I guarantee you won't be able to put it down.After I finished his story,thought about the first time I rode amotorcycle,not as a kid on my Dad's Harley,but as my own rider,back in 2001.I didn't take the adventurous trip the author did,but I was scared for the longest time as I learned how to be safe.I have been on many trips as far as Atlanta and the Outer Banks.It is also my main mode of transportation,mostly in the summer as I just don't want to deal with the cold anymore at 3am.I used to though.
     I want to take a summer long or even year long motorcycling trip but the money is a factor.After reading this book, it both scared me and excited me to travel through multiple countries on a motorcycle.I also am not a big fan of group riding because of many reasons,the author,Alex,found out for himself in his tale.I also know ,though,I would never want to travel the countries he did alone.This book has reiterated that it is important to have like minded and similar skilled riders in your group.
This book spoke to me and brought out a wide range of emotions about motorcycling and what it means to me.

      The First Ride by A.H.Rosenberg is a must read.You will not be able to put it down.I hope you will buy it,not only to share in his adventure,but to support indie authors as well.
It is available on amazon for the Kindle and the Kindle computer and phone app. Click the title in this blog to buy the book.

This is my First Ride and my first motorcycle in 2001