29 October, 2012

Zippo/Case Knives Museum and Factory

568 miles roundtrip
    July 22 2012,we got up at about 530a for the purpose of riding out to Bradford PA.The intent was to visit the Zippo Lighter/Case Knives Factory and Museum  and purchase a lighter right from the factory where it is made in Bradford,Pennsylvania.

    I know I can purchase a Zippo Lighter at the local Walmart but what is the fun in that?.
 The ride up was fairly uneventful,with some stops for food and gas.Once one gets off the highway,the scenery is really nice.We saw some deer in the woods alongside the highway
    Riding on 219N North to Bradford is a scenic ride and I recommend everyone add it to their motorcycling trip wish list.It isn't really twisty,but it is a nice ride.Along the way,we passed a pet cemetery,complete with headstones.I didn't get a picture,but it was a definitely an interesting sight.
   This is roughly the route we took,the beginning leg of the trip,we avoided the PATP but on the way home,in the interest of time,we took the Turnpike.We got home around 730p and with the stopping for breaks,gas,food, and the museum visit,it was about 13 and a half hours,568 miles round trip.

My 2003 Honda Shadow parked out in front of the museum
Click for the history of the Zippo car

Old Glow'ry
            When one goes into the front door of this place,you walk into the store and head immediately to the back where the museum entrance is located.You are greeted by the sculpture and flag called Old Glow'ry.That flag is entirely created out of over 300 Zippos.The photo doesn't do it justice.You must visit this for yourself.
             Turn right and you will head into a history buff's mecca of Zippo history of ad posters,and antique Zippos.There is entire sections of vintage posters of yesteryear.There is a section dedicated Zippos used in war,including lighters that have saved a soldier's life by taking the bullet.There is a section dedicated to movies that Zippo has starred in such as Die Hard,JFK,many many more,and more recently,the hit TV show The Walking Dead .
Carl saves the day with a trusty Zippo on The Walking Dead
Motley Crue Special Edition Lighters

Music of all genres have been immortalized on the Zippo.
Sculpture by Ce'sar for the Grand Opening in July 1997
It's a must visit place on any motorcyclists trip
There was no internet for ad campaigns.Eye catching posters were important.

Ronson cigarette holder and lighter
Zippo starred in many movies

There is also a large Case Knives collection

A quality,American made product

This ad is on the wall in the living room of my house.
 I love the Zippo lighter because it is a quality American made product.I am not a smoker,but I always have one with me.In my opinion,everyone should carry one,(along with a Swiss Army Knife).In 1995,we drove up to the factory,and I had bought one on that trip.I had since lost it for many years,and I thought it was about time I got another one.
The Zippo that came home with me

2012 Authentic Zippo Lighter
                                  Just recently,we found my original Zippo in a box in the back of the closet.It sits on my shelf now,but it does still work.It had an Outer Banks NC theme,of course,since that is my favorite place on earth.

    The ride home was also uneventful.We stopped at a Sheetz for gas and some cheap food.While we sat there and rested,a real life Motorcycle Club was at the other end of the parking spaces.They had a guy in a green Jeep blocked in ,but he wasn't going to say anything.There was also a pick up truck with a garage built,but very cool chopper in the back.Apparently,it had broken down.He was also blocking the lot.Eventually there were a lot of man hugs and they took off in along "bike train" down the road.
            That is my blog about the Zippo Museum in Bradford PA.I'll leave you with a couple of videos from my visit.
                     This is a short video featuring a lighter from D-Day during World War 2

                                 This is a longer,more in depth vlog about what you'll see at the museum.There is much more to see then what is in this video.